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Training & Trips 2001
Unschooling by Bike
Starting up
If you think that only in-shape people try doing crazy things like bicycling for transportation you are wrong! These next few pages will allow you to follow us as we suffer through the long process of getting in shape to hopefully ride on the 200 mile Seattle-to-Portland ride in July of 2001. At this point it has been a long soggy fall and winter and we didn't ride at all. Now we must push as much as possible to accomplish our goals in time. The hard part for myself will be overcoming several health problems that have sprung up, some new just this winter. The kids have the advantage of good health on their side.  The kids are beginning this season with learning basic skills. They are working on remembering to always wear their helmets, riding in a straight line, listening for traffic, riding near the side of the road, and most importantly being a predictable cyclist. Having been quite ill during the Christmas holiday and beyond I am just trying to get on a bike again. I took my first ride today (1-11-01) Yea!Before we are ready to start up our monster bike we must first be better cyclists individually. We must be able to pull our own weight before adding that of a huge bike and trailer. This goes for myself as well. 
Please check back often as we update our progress during the season. 



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