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Starting Up
Unschooling by Bike
of Rides
January 27, 2001 

The weather has been cool but dry around here and that is great for getting out, however, we have learned that the kids don't have the necessary warm clothing to make it possible to stay warm while riding in near freezing temperatures. So our plan now it to get them outfitted with better clothes and then we can begin to try longer trips. The only practice we are getting is when we go between our home and the local school for the kids P.E. classes. We make a point of always riding there. It is close and we could walk, but that isn't going to help with our long term goals.  The distance is about 1/2 mile total, with a large hill to conquer the whole way. I know the kids are learning to handle their own bikes at faster speeds and to either walk fast or to ride hard to get up in the first place. The kids must prove to me that they are compentent riders by staying along the side of the road at all times and not swerving out towards the center when cars need to pass.  The next small goal we are working towards is to ride the same distance in gradually harder gearing on our bikes. When we can do it in a fairly difficult gear then we are ready to continue our training to other locations.



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