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Unschooling by Bike
As we are low-income we cannot afford to take ordinary vacations, so instead we do much better than that and still have a wonderful time! We have no trips planned by bike yet this year, but I can tell stories about some of our trips from last year. 

Going to Grandma's House
We rode to Monroe, WA to visit my parents. Once we arrived we pitched out tent in their front yard. They live on a small farm and the kids really got a chance to see what country life is all about. This was one of the more difficult rides as the increase in elevation, the length of the trip, and the weight of the trailer were all difficult for us. It was about 22 miles one way and we would stay a few days so we didn't have to ride the return trip right away.

Swimming at the local (?) lake
We packed up our swim suits and headed for the lake about 15 miles away. It was a very hard ride as the lake is in the higher hills and the entire trip there was uphill with very few breaks. Once we got there the kids had a wonderful time and were so tired out that we requested assistance in getting us back home again safely. It would have been a fun trip home with all those long downhills!