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The weather is so critical to cycling that we study it intensly. If the weather is going to be sunny we need to calculate the possibilities of the temperature that day as heat can have a dramatic effect on the cyclists. If the weather is going to be hot you choose a shady route, whereas if it is cool a sunny road is better.  We do look at our local forecasts before a ride, but we also look up. Depending on the direction we are going the forecasts may not be accurate anyhow. If it is overcast... we guess rain, and prepare accordingly. If it is sunny we pack a good deal of extra water and sunscreen.  Staying cool in the heat of the summer can be quite a challenge. Heat stroke can be caused by the core body temperature becoming too hot. That can have disasterous results. We have come way too close to this for comfort. Staying dry and warm in the soggy weather is a challenge also. Outfitting kids with raingear is costly so we have taken to using lightweight nylon jackes coated in Scotch Guard water proofing spray. The sunglasses help keep the dirt and mud out of the eyes, and the singing keeps the rain out of the heart. :) Nothing is more blessed than to see kids laughing while soaked from head to toe and just having a great time together.. even if we are miles from home and the rain isn't letting up any. :)

Stay Dry and Safe My Friends!

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