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September 2001

The kids are making me work!
The kids have discovered that they can ride the bike as a tandem without mom. They quickly concluded that it was easier to pedal without mom! They now ride together and I get to ride my single bike, which is easier to handle, but I sure have to work now. I need the excersize so I can't complain, but... it was nice to have the kids helping me for a while. Once we are all in good shape we will need to try a triple bike again, we will probably go much faster at that point anyhow. :) I had been telling everyone that the kids were old enough to push me up the hills (they thought I was joking!) So much for that line. :)

A somber day
There was no riding today, just a grin lesson about how fragile our lives are. The kids are collecting funds for the Red Cross to use in NYC. I'm proud of the lessons they are learning!

We are really making progress now!
We just purchased a bicycle built for three and are off and running again. The previous arrangement didn't work well because of the speed and ability differences. The bike we now have is much more flexable than the previous setup was. We can use it as a kids tandem, or as a triple for all three of us. Now we are starting to make serious progress. 


Today I had the bike setup as a tandem bike and put Jason and Janice on it and let them practice as a team. They did very well. Jason handled it quite well. They rode all the way up our steep hill and to the nearby school. Even when being passed by a car on the uphill ride Jason held the bike within about 9 inches of the edge of the road. I was very impressed, especially considering this was their first ride on a road at all! Tomorrow we ride again, I don't know what configuration we will use for that ride. I'll try to keep you posted!

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