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May 2001

Call it laziness, or call it life.

We just haven't gotten out on the monster bike at all this year. We have been busy discovering other new projects that feel so much safter to do for now. The more I think about putting the kids on that thing, the more I feel that my oldest should learn to handle his own bike and join my daughter and I on the tandem. It is such a hard stage of life to be in because my oldest, even though he is 10, can't really keep up with the speeds a tandem goes on a regular basis. He is too big to ride behind the tandem at 60 pounds as is my daughter (same weight). The question is what is the safest thing to do with the ages of these kids and given the distance we intend to travel. We also just got a second car,but it needs repairs and also is unsafe to drive for now.  To live without a car for many is an impossible idea, but for us it is a way to learn about living, see the world from a new point of view, learn about the impacts of the weather, study the natural vegetation, and much more. To be together as a family and to learn how important teamwork is. We each need the others to make this work. We value each others ideas, feelings and attitudes. Each person has something unique to offer to make this type of travel fun and educational. When the weather is good we shop by bike, play by bike and take friends along on our bike. Although our neighborhood isn't nesessarily the friendliest for cycling, by carefully following the State rules and regulations and using our heads we travel as safe as possible.

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