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June 2001

We are riding again!!

I would not use our monster bike anymore because of the physical sizes of the kids in proportion to my own size. It is terribly unsafe. It was just recently discovered that my son is now large enough to ride a small adults mountain bike that we have here. The good part of this is that he is now much better able to keep up with the tandem because of the increased tire size on the bike he is riding.  We have only done a few short rides to the local park, but for a change I feel safe about it and this is a very good feeling! We tried to get a car, but it was broke down with a bad transmission within a month, so it is back to the bikes. Sigh. My daughter and I are enjoying the tandem together. She is a very strong girl and she can push me a long distance if I need her help. That is a wonderful thing since I am not in the best shape currently. Together we have the potential for making a great team. :)  We haven't been using the trailer much now, mostly because we are just out of shape so much still. I think we may begin running errands again with it soon. (Oh, Joy!)

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