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STP 2003

Aurora is having fun on our rides. With Ice Cream stops, swimming holes, and silly faces it is fun to go for an all day ride! The memories we are making are wonderful to be able to share together. Life is good!


The struggles we faced

Aurora and I are preparing for the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride this next weekend. We have been interviewed by the Everett Herald Paper since there will be three generations going on this ride. We are looking forward to the ride with much anticipation and expectation. The training for this ride has only lasted one month and has taken us from zero miles a week to sixty miles in one day. We will have to accomplish 120 miles in one day to arrive at our overnight stop in winlock Washington. We know there are many challenges ahead of us.

Monday, July 7th, 2003 Near Index, WA

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July 11, 2003

Aurora & I have done the STP ride. We did not make it to the finish line much to my great dissapointment. Read about our trip on the following links.

Thanks for reading our story!

Team Daisy
Daisy's Daughter & Granddaughter
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STP 2003 Challenges
STP Ride Report

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Ready to ride at 4:30am!

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Photo by Chris Goodenow/The Herald

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After having done the STP for six years, thirteen years earlier, the dream of riding another Seattle to Portland Bike Ride is becoming a reality. I saw an ad posted for tickets for the STP as a reduced rate and that got me thinking, thinking really hard. Would it be possible for the two of us to get into shape for STP in thirty days, or was that just a dream that I have had in my head and wasn't reality at all. First I didn't know if my daughter, Aurora, would be willing to get in shape with me especially since it would be a brutal training schedule. Assuming that she would be willing or could be convinced there were still some major hurdles to overcome before this could happen. I have been in front of my computer way too much over the past several years. I had no idea how far out of shape I really was! I decided that if this was going to happen I would need to ride an additional thirty miles each week in a single day. It sure looked overwhelming at the time. I was determined. My husband told me I was nuts to consider this, even though I am sure he really knew that I would decide to do it anyway.

(Aurora attracted much attention with her balloon helmet!)

All those ideas were flooding my head when I saw those tickets for sale. What should I do, what would I do, Would I survive my own brutal schedule? I wanted answers, but none were to be had. That was on Saturday the seventh of June. By the next day I had emailed the seller asking about the tickets, by Monday I knew they were ours.

We began riding the evening of the seventh. A simple five mile loop was extremely difficult. The next day we rode to church, a sixteen mile ride took several hours to accomplish. We were saddle sore and muscle sore. The following Monday Aurora and I did a five mile loop in the morning early since she was still in school at this point. Later in the evening another six mile loop was done. Jason went with us in the evening. We had a good ride but were very tired and sore. Due to extreme pain, Tuesday was declared a day of rest!

Wednesday we did another early morning ride, a six mile loop, and that evening we rode to Lake Roseiger for dinner, about 18 miles. The next day I took Aurora to school by bike, the weather had changed for the worse and so we got a ride home that evening.


Stay tuned for more details coming as soon as I can find the time after the ride to continue.


Have a great ride, and stay safe!

God Bless

Tina & Aurora

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2003 STP Proof MarathonFoto, Team Daisy & Daisy's Daughter include proofs from 1987 - 1999, Photographer of those is unknown. The remaining images are personal photos.

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