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Christina's Bicycling Web Photo Gallery

Newest Photos added to the end.

STP 1988 Mom & I
Mom & I riding the STP in 1988
STP 1988 Mom & I
STP 1989 Mom and I "The Hawaiian Girls"
STP 1989 The photo says "To my daughter and bicycling partner Love Mom" It is very special to me. Does anyone recogonize that red barn?
STP 1989 "The Hawaiian Girls"
RSVP 1988 Does the front fork appear just a little bent to you?? We had quite a trip on RSVP this year. Read more about it on its own page here.

STP 1990 Riding STP this time with my Mom and my Hubby behind us. (He got left behind, poor guy!)
Bicycling in 2001 This is what you do to escape when you don't have a car available. Read more about this story here.


At 15' 8" long this bike really was a monster to handle.
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The advantages of a foldable bike. It fits into a small car!!
Three kids on a triplet bike. Bike is made by Bike Friday.
Early stages of learing to balance such a long bike.
First attempt at riding a long bike.
Wooo Hooo this bike is coool!
This cul-de-sac is sure small with this bike!
Hey Mom! Watch me!
And around and around
Woo Hoo!!
You didn't know there was a bike that kids could ride like this.... Bike Friday didn't know it either...
Such fun!
Good thing this lot is big!
Don't expect any tight corners here!

September 11, 2001 Isn't this what you were doing on that fateful day?

Aurora and Grandma Marilyn

September 11, 2001

Jason and his Grandma Marilyn

September 11, 2001

Grandma Marilyn and Aurora

Good Bye!
2003 STP Training Ride
It is fun being silly!
Our Bike's Banner
Mom's Bike's Banner
A Bike that I think would be fun to ride, but at $10,000 I doubt that will happen anytime soon!

Technical Photos are on the technical pages, I didn't want to bore you with them here.

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