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Muggy Weld presents
Joshua Putnam's Connonical List of Bicycle Braze-Ons
Josh Putnam's Cycling Pages
The Brazing Book
Framebuilding Bicycles. Tubing, Parts, and Tools/title>
Rivendell Bicycle Works - Home Page
Damon Rinard's Frame Building Links
Bontrager: The Myth of "KOPS" - An Alternative Method of Bike Fit
Chain Reaction Bicycles
The Rinard Frame Deflection Test
The Bicycle Forest
The New Steel? - 09/24/97
Skoop's Bicycle Framebuilding Page
TWI Job Knowledge for Welders: Part 1: Welding and joining process terminology
Aluminum Welding How to Weld Aluminium
Welding How-to
Joining Technologies Reference Center
American Welding Society Introductory Page
tig welding procedures, tig welding technigue, pipe welding
TIG Welding....inspect the quality
Steelman Cycles | philosophy
MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = How To Tig Weld
MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = "how to" welding
Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
Welders At Cost - Surplus Inventory Welding Equipment at Rock Bottom Prices
Waterford Precision Cycles Reynolds Tubeset Guide
Converting the Mountain Bike to a Touring Bike
How to build a tandem
Reynolds USA
HPV Supply Catalog
Bike Parts Store - Gaerlan Custom Cycles
Project Pandora
Jackshaft intermediary gear for a recumbent HPV
Applied Aerodynamics -- Demo Version
Ultimate HPV Links- Human Powered Vehicle - HPV Article Links
Ultimate HPV Links- Human Powered Vehicle - Main Page
...::: Anvil Bikes - Tooling :::...
Unofficial Dragonflyer Info - Tricks & Tips
Internally Routing Cables
Tubing Selection for Recumbents: Practical
Tube Bending
Recumbent bike project
Building Jig
Big Sprockets
Under Seat Steering Designs for Recumbent Trikes and Bikes
Intermediate drive
Home Page


Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang
Welcome to B I K E C O M E D
Christmas on Jane Street
Romp Family Home Page
Welcome to bicyclesB2B!
Centric™ BicycleLINK
Bicycle Museum of America

Bike cars

The Human Powered Quadracycle, Byke Kar
Quadracycle Inc, 6715 E 500 S, Hamilton, IN
ZEM Home/Welcome at ZEM
Rhoades Car - Index 13553 ROM Form


Blue Sky Cycle Carts by Cycle America
DWMurphy_trailer page
BOB Trailers and Strollers
EQUINOX Tourlite Bicycle Trailers, Strollers, Ski Sleds & More


The Recumbent and Human Powered Vehicle Information Center
Cambie Cycles - Canada's Premier Recumbent Dealer
Recumbent Tandems
Gary Adderton's Trike
Welcome to Recumbent Cyclist News Online
'BentRider Online Magazine
Linear Recumbents: The National Bicycle Greenway in Action!
E-Bent Recumbent Biking E-zine --People, Interviews, Articles, Rides, Tours, Community and Fun
International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA)Website
Kevin's Recumbent Information Page
WINDCHEETAH - by Advanced Vehicle Design
RANS Recumbent Bicycle Home Page
Vision Recumbent Bicycles
Bicycle HPV Recumbent Resources & Sources by Cycle America the National Bicycle Greenway in action
The New Bilenky ViewPoint Tandem

Parts and supplies

Bike Brain - for Palm handheld PDAs - product review
Bicycle parts
Josh Putnam's Cycling Pages
Dia-Compe USA
Bicycle Regulator
CONTROLtech Home Page
The official Campagnolo web site - Bicycle Parts and Components Cycling
Folding Travel Bikes using S and S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings™
Bell Bicycle Helmets
Third Eye® Mirrors
Column with Contents
Page Title
Tamer Main Page
Cane Creek Thudbuster
Welcome to Bell Helmets !
Zzipper Bicycle Fairings/Windscreen for Recumbents -- HPV
Welcome to the Yakima Website
Tandem Talk Bicycle Intercom
Tandem Parachute
Framebuilding Bicycles. Tubing, Parts, and Tools/title>
Tandem Components
adventure cycling association // cyclosource
Avid - Performance Brakes and Components
Avid - Performance Brakes and Components
Open Road's Encycleopedia
Eko Sport | Total Air bicycle suspension, Power Grips pedal systems, shock stuff
eBay item 365621523 (Ends Jul-03-00 09:48:04 PDT) - Cannondale Bike Bags/Panniers
eBay item 363640740 (Ends Jul-01-00 00:08:18 PDT) - 1970's GITANE TANDEM 4 SEATER

Specialty Bicycles

Open Road's Bike Culture Quarterly, Encycleopedia & Bycycle magazines.
Bilenky T3 Convertible Tandem/Triplet
Rideable Bicycle Replicas
Christiania Bikes, Copenhagen -
Bikes at Work!
The WWW Bicycle Lane
EBC's Winter Cycling Tips


Tandem Magazine Online
Bicycle Paper

New products

Trail-Gator The Bicycle Tow Bar (941)923-5065
A simple Bike Trailer
The Eight Ball
Welcome to the World of the Love Bike The ultimate tandem bicycle.

Message/ ads boards

BRAVENET WEB SERVICES- Free guestbooks, message forums, form processors, greeting cards, hit counters, search engines and more!
Bicycling Forum
Bravenet Web Services - Your best choice for online Bicycling
PBAA MessageBoard
SELL - Message Index
TCA Classifieds
Tandem Magazine Online, Classifieds
Bicycle Trader Classifieds
IHPVA Mailing Lists
Cascade Bicycle Club BikeADs Board
Cascade Bicycle Club Buddy Board
CBC Electronic Communications
IBRD Classified Ad Manager

bike pages
cycles de ORO main
Harris Cyclery Bicycle Trailers
da Vinci Designs - High Performance Tandem bicycles That Allow The Captain And Stoker To Coast Independently <META name="description" content="Quality Handbuilt Tandem bicycles That Allow The Captain And Stoker To Coast Independently"> <META name="keywords" content="tandem, bicycles, tandems, bicycle, touring, travel">
Bicycling Articles by John Allen
Unique Web Pages by Jeff Napier(Opening Page)
cycles de ORO main
Cool Stuff
Index of /tandem
Lightfoot Cycles Home Page
Subscriber Pages
welcome to workbike!
Welcome to
Livingood's Home Page
Welcome to
Sunrise Cyclery Bicycles & Accessories
Welcome to Tandems, Limited | Bike Friday Folding Bicycles
Peugeot Cycles - Cycleurope
The Bicycle Outfitter Home Page
Schwinn Homepage
Brian DeSousa Home
Bicycles : History - Beauty - Fantasy ; the exhibition
The Bicycle, by Pryor Dodge; an illustrated book
Kevin Fink's Home Page
BikeAds - Buy and sell your second hand bikes and cycle accessories on line
Recumbent bike and recumbent trike
alex wetmore's bicycle pages
Jay Hardcastle's Home Page
The Bicycle Man, Trek and Raleigh bikes & the best recumbent selection in New York State.
An Introduction to Judy and Greg


Cyber Cyclery -- the internet bicycling hub -- for bicycle riders around the world! - Bothell Ski & Bike - Specialized Bicycle - Diamond Back Bicycles
ANGLETECH - Colorado mail order recumbent bicycles, tandem recumbents, folding bikes, women's bikes, tricycles, and trikes
United Bicycle Institute Bicycle Mechanics School Offering Mechanic Certification and Frame Building.
Nashbar Home Page
Scott's Seattle Bicycle Repair - Best Bike Care Anywhere
Wedgwood Cycle Home Page
R+E Cycles


REI Home Page
The Greater Seattle Bicycle Expo
Wedgwood Cycle Home Page
Scott's Seattle Bicycle Repair - Best Bike Care Anywhere
Cascade Bicycle Club Home Page
STP 1996


1999 Tandem Bike Rally at Sleeping LadySeptember 3
Judy and Greg's Tandem
Tandems East 1998 Online Catalog: Tandem Showroom:Bushnell
Tandem Club (UK) - Introduction
Female Captains?
Ti Cycles - Builders of the Best Bicycles on the Planet!
Tandem FAQ
Bicycling - Tandems: drivetrains: build and customize your own tandem crankset
My Home Built Recumbent Tandem Bicycle Recumbent bicycle home built construction tandem John Huddleson's Recumbent Page
Gear-To-Go Tandem Bicycles and Recumbents
Co-Motion Cycles
Totally Tandems, Inc.
Gregg's Greenlake Cycle - Tandem Bicycles and Recumbent Bicycles
Tandems East 1999 Online Catalog
Crank Arm Shortener
Home-Built Tandem Bicycles
Flevobike ligfietsen - rug-aan-rug tandem
Santana Tandems
tandem bicycle page, gateway bicyles, portland, oregon
Burley - Tandem Bicycles
Longbikes Tandems and Recumbents
St John St Cycles - Childback triplet
Tandem Club of America
ANGLETECH - Colorado mail order recumbent bicycles, tandem recumbents, folding bikes, women's bikes, tricycles, and trikes
Arvon Cycles: Tandem Bicycles
The Tandette.
eBay item 337101670 (Ends May-26-00 15:17:55 PDT) - TANDEM Tube Set - BUILD A CUSTOM TANDEM


GORP - Trailer Bikes for Children
Levy Steering Centre Homepage
Bob's Low Cost Bicycle Work Stands
WSDOT Bicycling
Bicycling Information Sources
The Cyberider Cycling WWW Site
Frame Builder List For S and S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings (BTCs)
Specialized - Site Menu
The Bicycle Science Mailing List
Adjustable Geometry Recumbent Page
Christini Technologies
The Third Hand/Loose Screws
The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange
Home Page - Bicycle Classics
BikeIcons: Classic Antique Vintage Collectible Bicycles Dealer & NOS Parts Supplier

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